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About Me

Welcome to Noufaux, pronounced ‘noo-fow’. I am an artist who lives in the U.K. and started to create Noufaux in Oct 2017 during my Photography Degree. Inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s art nouveau but with a twist, hence the ‘faux’ (a pun if it were); every image you see is a photograph, cut digitally and collaged together. More complex pieces are drawn through photoshop, layered, stencilled, is a long process, and an average art piece can take approximately one to two weeks.

The current main focus for Noufaux is creating classic film pieces starring Béla Lugosi, and eventually will become an art tribute book. I'm also in the process of an ongoing Mini Monsters Collection, plus Vintage Kisses from risqué postcard inspiration and silent films. 


I’ve already made film pieces Dracula (1931), White Zombie (1932), and The Raven (1935), because of hard-work and continuous dedication I am a two time RONDO AWARD WINNER for Fan Artist Of The Year, both 2020 and recently 2021. Noufaux has been featured in magazines We Belong DeadClassic Monsters of the Movies and Little Shoppe of Horrors.

Do check my previous works, which include Freddie Mercury, RuPaul, Lush Cosmetics, and Bird and Blend Tea Co. Plus a variety of commissions, which shows how diverse Noufaux can be. Any support is much appreciated and selected artworks can be purchased as prints from here. Thank you!